Enabling phone lead tracking

As part of your RentLinx subscription, you can opt in to having all of your property listings display a special tracking phone number that forwards to your company phone number, instead of having your company phone number displayed directly.

Doing this provides you with several benefits:

  • You'll have tracking information available to you on the rentlinx.com website for each phone lead.  You can see who called, about which property, and from which website -- including your own.
  • We also include phone recording, so you can go back and listen to every phone lead that came in.
  • Calls come in as if renters called you directly, and caller ID will still work normally to show you who's calling.

Note: If you do opt in to phone tracking, you won't be able to assign contact phone numbers on a per-property basis; the special tracking number will be used as the contact phone number for all of your company's properties.

To enable this feature, have an admin user at your company log in to RentLinx.com, and click on "Account Settings" in the left pane:

Then, on the Account Settings page, in the Phone Tracking Settings section, check the "Enable a phone-tracking forwarding number for all of my company's incoming phone leads" checkbox: