How do I list my property to regional membership or association sites?

If you belong to any regional associations that have sites powered by RentLinx (you'll see them in the "regional" section of our Partners Page) and want to appear on their website, you may need to request access if you're not added automatically.

  1. On your Manage Properties page, click any of your actively advertised properties that you know is in your association/regional sites' area.
  2. On either the right-hand side of this property's detail page, or at the bottom (depending on the size of your screen or device), there will be a section called "Where is my property listed?" Beneath this header, click on "List on Additional Websites" to expand a list similar to this:
  3. Under "Websites you're eligible to list on," click the "Get listed" link next to any of the partner sites you'd like to request access to.
Depending on which regional site(s) you're applying to, the decision may be instantaneous or it may require some time for review. If it does need approval, you'll receive an email when your account has been approved or denied.
You will only need to do this once. It does not need to be done for all of your properties. Once you've been approved as a member by an association administrator, all of your eligible properties will appear on that site.