How can I pay my invoices online with a credit card?

If you have any unpaid invoices in your RentLinx account, you can process payments through any credit card directly from your  Billing Information page.

If the card you'd like to bill is already on your Billing Information page, skip to step 3. Otherwise, add the credit card you wish to bill. Use the "Add a New Credit Card" button to do this. You'll find it between your payment options and your billing history. Note that you'll only see this button if you have unpaid invoices in your billing history.

Enter your credit card information on the next page and click "Authorize." You'll receive an error message if your billing address or credit card information is incorrect.

Once your card is added, click the "Pay Invoices" link below your card. Note that you'll only see this link if you have unpaid invoices in your billing history.
On the following page, check the boxes next to the invoices you wish to pay and click "Authorize." Note that this will be a one time charge to only cover the invoices you've selected.
You'll receive an emailed receipt and the invoice will turn into a credit card receipt in your billing history.

To pay an invoice you're receiving statements for but don't see listed in your billing history (like WebLinx, DataLinx, or PartnerLinx) please contact us with your invoice number.