Approving New PartnerLinx Member Requests

If you're a  PartnerLinx listing administrator, whenever a management company requests access to appear on your RentLinx-powered property search, you'll receive an email notification. It's important to regularly log in and either approve or deny these listing requests to keep the listings on your site fresh.

Follow these steps to approve or deny member requests:

  1. Log in to your RentLinx account. If you're having trouble with this step, Contact Us or send yourself an auto login email.
  2. At the top of your Members page (you'll see this by default when you log in from, if you have any members waiting to be approved or denied, you'll see a "Members waiting for approval" section.
  3. Each row contains a potential member that's basically asking you, "Can I list my properties on your website for potential renters to find?" It contains their company name, phone number, the name of the user requesting access, and their office address. 
    • You can also view all properties in their account by clicking "View Properties."
    • They also may have properties listed that are outside your coverage area, but those specific properties will not appear on your site if you approve them. The "View Properties" page is to help you determine if they're a member or not.
  4. Looking at the top row, if this company is a member of your organization, click the green thumbs up icon in their row to approve their company account. All of their available listings in your coverage area will now appear for the public to search for on your RentLinx-powered PartnerLinx pages. They'll receive a confirmation email to let them know they've been approved.
  5. If the company in the top row is not a member, click the red thumbs down arrow  to deny their request. Their properties will not appear on your site and they'll receive a message letting them know their request has been denied.