Why doesn't my property appear on _____?

If you have entered information about your property but do not see it appear on the expected website(s), there are several things to check.

Enter unit information - Each of your properties must have at least one unit added in order for it to appear in search results. Units dictate rent, availability, and number of bedrooms among other things. To add a unit, click on "Manage Properties" on the left, then click on the name of the property you wish to edit.  Click "Add a new unit" in the "Units" section. Your property should have a green "Active" button to the left of the name on your "Manage Properties" page.

Add your company's properties to the desired website - Entering your property information into RentLinx may not be enough for it to appear on all the websites where you would like to advertise. You may have to add your properties to an additional website. To do this, follow the instructions here:  How do I list my property to regional membership or association sites?
Wait 24 hours - Some of the third party websites RentLinx feeds may take up to 24 hours to update. If you have just added or updated your property, check back tomorrow to make sure they are listed where you expect.

If you still cannot find your property, please let us know and we will help diagnose your problem.