Why does my ad show some other phone number instead of my phone number?

If you upgrade to RentLinx Plus!, we display a special tracking phone number instead of your actual number. When renters call that number, your phone will ring as if they called you directly. You can answer the calls normally and your caller ID will still work. You can feel free to test the number as well by calling it yourself (just make sure to call from a different phone).

If that's not the problem, make sure your phone number is entered correctly on your listing. To do this:

Log into RentLinx.

Click "Manage Properties" on the left.

Click the name or address of your property.

Scroll down and check the "Contact Information" section. Correct the number if necessary.

Note: If you call the tracking number from your number, you'll essentially be calling yourself. For many cell phones, this may result in you being prompted for a passcode so you can check your voicemail. Renters are prompted for a 2 digit extension (but they're connected to you no matter what), but will never be prompted for a passcode.