What is a "verified lead"?

When you upgrade to Plus! for Communities, we only charge for verified leads. A verified lead is when a unique, interested renter contacts you about your property via phone or email from one of your Plus! listings. We review every email and phone call to make sure you are only billed for verified leads from renters interested in your property.

What counts as a verified lead?

  • A unique renter who inquires about your property via phone or email through one of your Plus! listings.

What doesn't count as a verified lead?

There will never be a charge for any of the leads below:

  • Wrong numbers
  • Solicitors
  • Duplicates 
  • Current residents
  • Renters inquiring after your monthly cap has been reached
  • Any other phone calls and emails that don't meet our definition of a verified lead above

You still receive all of the leads, verified or not, but you only pay for the good ones.  

How to view which leads are paid versus which are free:

Log into  RentLinx, and click on the number of leads for the property you'd like to check.

You can also click on "Review Leads" under "Advertise Properties" on the left-hand side.

Look under the "Type" column to see if a lead is free or Plus!.

Our lead review process is thorough. One of the best perks of going Plus! is that property managers do not have to worry about bad leads or phony numbers. They can spend their time showing their properties to the good leads and signing leases!