How can I get more signed leases?

  • The purpose of advertising is to produce leads: phone calls and emails from prospective renters.
  • The purpose of a leasing office is to turn those leads into signed leases. Think about it: if every phone call resulted in a signed lease, you could just put the lease online and mail the key to the renter.
  • Your leasing personnel are very important – they qualify the incoming leads, show your apartments, and sell your communities. Their job is to turn some of the incoming leads into signed leases.
  • The job of your ads is to get the phone ringing.

To get more signed leases, ask yourself:

How many incoming leads are we getting?
Are we effectively handling the leads that we are getting?
    • If you’re not getting enough leads, then assess your advertising.
Are your ads accurate and up-to-date?
Are you including lots of photos and details?
Are you describing what makes your property special and unique (i.e. what sets you apart from your competition)?
Is your message tailored to appeal to the renters most likely to buy?
Are you advertising on the highly trafficked websites with RentLinx Plus!?

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