How does my "ad health score" compare to other properties?

The RentLinx customer base actually has a very broad spectrum of "ad healths". We recently sent out about 17,000 reports. 23 users scored a perfect 100. Many had 0s, and there's a lot of every shade of grey in between. The factors we scored on (last modified, photos listed, description length, and Plus! status) all correlate highly with the numbers of leads received.

Plus! status is actually the most important, with Plus! properties receiving about 4x more leads than basic properties. When you upgrade to Plus!, we advertise your properties on a bunch of premium pay-to-list websites. These sites get a ton of traffic and your listing will have less competition. You only pay when a new renter inquires about your property. Here's an example of a property that scored 100: Listing on arborweb is free, and keeping your listing updated, adding photos, and good descriptions will help get more leads.

Going Plus! puts you at the top of the list and removes the Google ads on your property page. Here's an example of searching for 2 bedrooms in Ann Arbor, MI:

Note the first 4 results are all from RentLinx and appear above Rentals normal results. You can see the same property is the second hit and receives many of its leads from this type of ad! Improving your ad health will definitely generate more leads for your properties!