I filled out a contact form on Zillow and never got the reply.

If you filled out a contact form on Zillow to send a test lead to yourself from your  RentLinx listing and tried replying to your test lead, you might have had some issues. Some of our partners anonymize renter email addresses for privacy reasons, Zillow being one of them. Zillow may send you a bounce-back notice if you are replying from the same email address that you have set to receive leads. Zillow does this to prevent a looping situation where you get multiple copies of the same email.


When you fill out and send the contact form on Zillow:


You should receive an email that looks like this. Note the anonymized email address with @reply.zillow.com at the end:


If you try to reply to this lead from the same email address it was originally sent to, you will receive the error email below. Don't be alarmed! This happens to prevent an infinite looping of anonymous leads:

You can try testing the anonymized email addresses further if you reply from a different email than the one you're using to receive leads. Trust us - these anonymized email addresses work!